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How it works

NugServer in action

Simple sample without any real-time algo optimization.

Supporting major game development frameworks.

NugServer is a cross platform multiplayer game server. Completly free to use and deployable on any cloud infrastructure.

Connect your players

Use the built-in NugServer Game API to connect your players each other in a fraction of time. NugServer is offering you a ready to use game skeleton for your favorite platforms to be up and running in a trice.

Create and join games

NugServer Game API supports realtime, turn based, asynchronous gaming allowing you to start a game on one device and continue your gaming experience on an other one. NugServer game workflow provides high level features such as creating and joining a game, subscribing for notifications, sending chat messages, query games, ...

Send messages

NugServer allows broadcasting of game, player and administration messages.

Engage, entertain and retain your players

Encourage users to explore your game in new and interesting ways by using scores and achievements. NugServer Game API offers you a way to add, remove and update all this in real-time without having to re-deploy your games on the stores.

Game with server logic

Most of the game can be done 100% with client-side code. However if you need authoritative server game logic. It's really simple to have access to a complete server game logic with a Java server environment.